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About the Book

When Lenore de Quincy’s father gives her the key to a bank box containing a fortune in cash and then dies, she realizes she is no longer under constraints to remain unhappily married. She abandons her husband, taking her daughter, Angela, with her from a provincial town in western Pennsylvania to the bright lights of Manhattan.

A PLACE TO CALL HOME is a novel inspired by true stories set against a background of the First World War, The Roaring Twenties, and the Great Depression. It centers around two well-to-do families joined by an arranged marriage. The action is seen through Angela’s eyes as she struggles with the effects on her life of her parents’ divorce, a thing viewed in the 1920’s as scandalous and tragic. Her travels between her mother’s home in New York City and her father’s nurturing family in a small coal-belt town near Pittsburgh provide humorous and nostalgic anecdotes about growing up in the America of that era.

The character of Lenore is a direct descendent of a long line of anti-heroines in literature and drama going back to Becky Thatcher, Scarlett O’Hara, and Regina Giddens. As one whose father ruled her life with an iron hand, once liberated from his domination, she quickly becomes a headstrong and self-determined woman accustomed to having things her own way. The fact that her actions affect everyone around her in various negative ways never stops her from pursuing her course; that she is a larger than life kind of personality with a great deal of charm and wit adds a humorous element reminiscent of Patrick Dennis’s Auntie Mame. But Lenore is unquestionably an Auntie Mame with a dark side.

Angela is a sad and insecure child who desperately misses her father and her father’s family when she is removed from everything that was familiar to her during early childhood. This book is the story of Angela’s growth and development from that lonely and insecure little girl into an intelligent and attractive young woman who, time and time again, rises above the challenges of being a child of divorce. Her elopement just days after her sixteenth birthday gets her out of her mother’s house but sets up a whole new set of challenges as she and her young husband have to cope with finding their way to a better future in the depths of the Great Depression. When Angela finally breaks free from her mother’s influence, she realizes the life journey together with her husband has finally become for her the secure and grounded place that she can call home.